The songwriters – Darebin

Mick Thomas

Mick Thomas has some secret magic to his writing… he surely can write great songs that make you say “Why didn’t I think of that?” but of course we never do. He writes about mates, ratbags, races, places, weddings, parties, funny stuff – anything – but they are really good stories and great songs. Mick is truly a legend around the best of fair-dinkum roots venues and festivals around the country. He is a character! He is funny! He can roll up to any crappy stage and make it the centre of the universe to any audience. He will talk the leg off an old chair and play the arse off a guitar, sweat the shirt of his back and lay you in the aisles.

Charles Jenkins


Charles Jenkins is a Melbourne songwriter/musician and performer with more than 25 years experience in the Australian Music Industry.

Starting out with the rockabilly/punk outfit the Mad Turks from Istanbul through to power-pop band the Icecream Hands, Charles is now forging a successful solo career, receiving critical acclaim for his six solo albums.

Charles has recorded and released 14 albums, both locally and internationally including his solo albums Bungalow (2004) and The City Gates (2005) and with his band The Zhivagos, Blue Atlas (2008),  Walk This Ocean (2010) and Love Your Crooked Neighbour With Your Crooked Heart (2012)

Justin Bernasconi

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 1.27.58 pm“Informal, yet masterful… Rippling guitar work that emanates both warmth and style”
The Sydney Morning Herald June 2014

Justin Bernasconi performs highly original tunes, infused with exciting, tasteful acoustic guitar playing with influences ranging across folk, bluegrass, ragtime and blues.

Though born in London, Justin was raised in Warboys, a small Cambridgeshire village famed for Witches and Lancaster Bombers. He arrived in Australia in 2004 and formed alt country group The Stillsons, with Cat Canteri and Ben Franz, in 2006. The band has released three albums, with their latest ‘Never Go Your way’ voted “Country Album of 2013” by Rhythms readers poll.

Cat Canteri

6776238_orig“The Northcote native thrives amongst the disproportionately talented and driven enclave of Melbourne northern suburbs – one to watch long term”
Rhythms Magazine AU

Canteri has strength and drive…so you’re thinking a 1970s framework of rootsiness and rockiness…it’s a very fine start”
Bernard Zuel – The Sydney Morning Herald

“Whilst she has the vocal ability to take you to some really dark places, she also has the freedom of expression to bring you back. Similarly, whilst some of the songs have a vulnerability to them, you never lose sight of the strength that’s needed to come back”
Fatea Magazine UK

Rich Davies

10527677_279969718853669_7966512871776696208_nRenowned for his captivating live shows and ‘superbly crafted songs dragged up from the depths of the soul and spewed forth upon the audience’ (Desert Highways), award-winning singer-songwriter Rich Davies has established himself as one of Melbourne’s most authentic and engaging artists.

Described as ‘hauntingly beautiful’ by Patrick Emery (Beat Magazine), Davies has performed alongside Australian artists Jeff Lang, Mick Thomas, Henry Wagons, The Drones, Paul Dempsey and Marlon Williams; international acts Snow Patrol, KT Tunstall, The Dandy Warhols and Beck; and has played a number of European festivals including Big Tent Festival and T In The Park.

Sean McMahon

11800592_493572104142332_7635245542922394529_nSean McMahon is a versatile singer/songwriter and guitarist with an unmistakable style and voice that rings true across a variety of sonic vistas captured in his career so far. Sean has recently made a returning to the land of electric guitars to bring you Sean McMahon and the MoonMen.

Jemma Rowlands


“In Jemma’s pub it’s always Sunday afternoon coming down, and almost Saturday night. Reckless and self-assured, sassy but not silly. Jemma and her fine young ambitious Clifton Hillbillies – old heads and young hearts. Memories you never had but find yourself wanting.” Mick Thomas

“Jemma has a voice that knocks me to the floor every time I hear it! Then her sturdy bunch of hillbillies drag me back up so I can happily do it all over again!!” Henry Wagons

With a Loretta for posture, and a Patsy for feeling, ever the bookie’s daughter, Jemma Rowlands offers grand odds on love, life and raw emotion. Following two single launches, Jemma & The Clifton Hillbillies release their debut full-length album in September 2015. The highly-anticipated recording showcases the group’s talent for heart-on-sleeve confessional booth song-writing married with a wondrous Stone Country style.

Brooke Russell

IMG_9031“Brooke Russell and the Mean Reds’ country-inflected take on timeless pop that you’ll dig if you like Caitlin Rose.” Nashville Scene

“She’d be at home in the Nighthawks diner, except that she’s maybe not jaded enough. There’s an innocence and hope to most of her songs that feels like a balm.” McKinley Valentine,

Drawing influence from alt country, jazz and folk styles, Brooke Russell and the Mean Reads are inspired by the songs of Ryan Adams, Joe Henry, Sharon Van Etten, Gillian Welch, Tom Waits and Neko Case.

Their debut album, Poor Virginia was released in August 2013, and listed in Basement Discs Top 10 Australian Albums of The Year and Unpaved’s 50 Best Albums of 2013. Met with great reception, the album received airplay on Radio National, Triple R, Fbi, PBS, 4ZZZ and Southern FM as well as being featured in Frankie magazine. After an invitation to showcase at the 2014 Americana Festival in Nashville, the band have been working on their second album and released the new single, Never’s Gonna Take Too Long in April 2015.